Words from the Road



This year I have become a wandering woman. My bag has remained packed, always ready for the next adventure. Thousands of miles travelled, the length of the country covered many times over, and far away places discovered. My home for the night has been the couches & shared beds of friends, pitched tents in fields listening to the rain, a campervan & (one unexpected night) a car, beautiful hotel suites,& the spare rooms of strangers. Now, on this latest trip, I have brought the one thing I’ve missed that truly makes my home – my love. I’ve never felt so alive & at one with myself. This is who I am. I’ve always been a traveller at heart, I find it so hard to settle. Everything I need fits in one bag – the tools to make my art, run my business, and live my life. Nothing else matters. I’ve learnt to pack light from my years of moving from place to place on foot. Next year I will have wheels of my own but I’ll need to remember my roots.

People often ask me, do you travel for weddings? I reply with a smile, yes. Always. I don’t know anything else. Wherever you’re getting married, wherever there’s a story waiting to be told, I’ll be there to tell it. This is my life. Anywhere I go it’s like coming home.