Fernie Castle Woodland Wedding / Lisa + Mark


A wild woodland wedding set in the beauty of autumn.

I was over-the-moon when Lisa got in touch about her upcoming wedding to Mark. I felt an instant connection to her and we chatted on the phone for over an hour. We bonded over our shared love of yoga & nature, and I listened excitedly to her vision for a meaningful yet wild wedding. It all sounded so magical and when the big day finally came it certainly didn’t disappoint –

Lisa made a beautiful beaming bohemian bride, gathering leaves with her long veil as she walked through the woods to her love, to the mystical sound of the flute. Their lochside woodland ceremony on the castle grounds was filled with meaningful & spiritual touches, putting the declaration of their love to one another above all else. It was so beautifully personal, from the 4 tier wedding cake with each layer symbolising something important to them, to all the wild autumnal inspired decor lovingly made by the couple and their friends. Lisa and Mark were beyond a dream to work with – true soul clients who completely got what I was all about. It’s always so incredible to work alongside such likeminded people. I could go on about the beauty of this day and how much it meant to me, but instead I’ll share this beautiful piece from the let the bride herself about their day:

We always knew that the most important aspect was the offering of woodland and nature for us to hold our ceremony if weather allowed! The moment we pulled up to this stunning castle surrounded by 17 acres of woodland, we knew it was the one for us. The ceremony, for us, was the most important part of the day… Being surrounded by nature and our dearest family and friends as we devoted our love to one another was so important. We opted for an interfaith ceremony, offering spiritual aspects and tailoring it with meaningful, Scottish tradition. We held a hand fasting, using sashes made from our Family clan tartan and we drank form the quaich using whiskey from our fathers hip flasks. Our dearest friends, also played special parts within the ceremony, Ruta read The Amber Spyglass, which was such a special moment for us. Melv played flute as I walked down the aisle. And of course, Mark’s best friend, Gaz, offered the rings. We wrote our own vows, again so important for us to take the opportunity to express our love and devotion in front of family and friends. Our siblings acted as witnesses, which we know isn’t tradition but hey! it was what we wanted :) The ceremony was perfect in every way. The sun shone for us at that moment as the pictures show. We couldn’t have asked for anything more in that moment.

We created everything ourselves! From the flower bouquets (which Mark made!) we picked most of the flowers from Mark’s parents garden which was so much fun… Our dearest friends arrived from Lithuania a few days before the wedding and we literally spent the days leading up to the day getting crafty! Decorating jars which we had collected with scraps of lace I acquired from work at Kudos Bridal. Spray painting jars and wooden pallets which Mark had acquired from his work. Making signs from frames we had sourced from charity shops and then even baking a layer of our wedding cake of our favourite, Carrot Cake! Mark took on the responsibility of decorating the ceremony area on the morning of the wedding! This was just so amazing as I walked down the aisle into woodland not knowing what I would see and I was blown away! Hay bales were covered with throws, gifted to us from a friend who had brought them back from his travels in India. Flowers were strung up between the trees and a beautiful archway was decorated with meters of tulle fabric. It was so special and absolutely perfect for us. Autumn is our favourite time of year and the colours that nature offer at this time dictated the overall look for our day.

Maureen, my beautiful soul sister whom I knew from the moment I saw her images of beautiful art was the only photographer for us! Her style, her passion and whole outlook on life touched my heart. Photography, second to the ceremony, was most important for us as we knew that once the day was over, stunning images along with our memories (which can be subdued by copious amounts of alcohol at a Scottish wedding) is the only reminder you have left. She was an absolute dream, from the moment we chatted on the phone until the day she arrived at our wedding I somehow just knew that I could place all faith with her that our memories would be captured perfectly. A pure professional, somehow managing to be in 10 places at once, her ninja like ability capturing all we could have wished for. Such a pleasure to work with and a pure artist. For anyone looking for that relaxed approach to wedding photography, seeking to capture the special moments of emotion using natural light and incredible attention and passion to detail, she is the girl for you! Maureen, I will forever be in awe of your talent. thank you.

Our day was meaningful, spiritual and filled with so much love…. Never did we stray from the importance and meaning of our wedding which was simply to devote ourselves to one another, share and celebrate our love. And to be thankful that we have each other and that we are lucky enough to share it with loved ones. Surround yourself with positivity, never forget your meaning of marriage, whatever that may be for you. Love your wedding day and everyday you have together.

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