Why You Shouldn’t Book Me As Your Photographer; It’s About Time



We feel the endlessness of it when sitting watching a summer sunset, letting it slip through our eyes and dip inbetween the cloud.

It’s with us when we stare at the horizon, feel blades of grass underneath our feet, when we sweep our hands out of the car window and let the wind push against our fingers and it’s like we are flying.

It’s the space between the grazes of our hands, your tear I catch as it falls, the echo of flowers and the whispering pages of books; stories we once told, hung on a memory; it’s new ones being made and the ones that were lost to the pages of our minds.

It’s the wilderness that rises up to meet us in it’s everlasting vastness and the walk we wish would never end; it’s the love that we pledge, in all magic and glorious forms, and commit to one another under hushed tones and darkened coffee shops and squeezes on a winter night that nobody knows but the deepest roots of our souls, as they entwine into one forevermore, growing tender new roots.

This is your time, our time, time itself; and this is what I capture.


And so; if you wish to talk with me about the amount of the images you will receive and the price and plan out meticulously every single minute of where I will be at precisely what point in the day;

I will expect you not to book me as your photographer.

My clients know that love is not made of precision, of concrete numbers, of sharpness and of angles.

They understand that photography is not a science; it is art. Learned over many many years, a gift that has been handed down through time, through wisdom, through experimentation and play.

Through those inherited stories, the history and antiquity; with the gift of time, my art has grown.

Deliberately designed to capture wonderment, magic, emotion, atmosphere.

My clients understand that my photography is not a measured in exposure and numbers, in endless rows of static family lineups, in lists of must- capture moments; they deeply believe that love, laughter and emotion cannot be predicted and squashed into a tick sheet.


Because, if you miss those things – the things that happen when a camera would be hurriedly filling the tick list and the line ups-

Unplanned laughter, raw emotion, the tender and the grace that occur in the inbetween as well as the major moments- miss those moments?


MISS THOSE?! Then you are really missing what this is all about.


Which is, about time.

Your time, your histories, your stories unfolding on to a page anew.

A sky, opening in to welcome you both, the land as it rises behind or beside your newly wed footsteps; the secret tear your most beloved hopes nobody else will notice; the embrace of relatives discovering one another anew; and the roots of joy becoming one, and the majesty and magic of your location and loved ones joining in the celebration –


Not being squeezed into the checklists.


And so if you know this is you-

Young heart, running free. Barefoot, breathless, the kind of bride who drinks deeply in the chill air and who often feels that strange siren call towards the wilderness, nature;

For those that understand that time is a butterfly that we seek only to hold for a while, marvelling at its presence but not something we can trap or pin down or define;

For those who understand that good art- the kind that captures attention and is eye wateringly beautiful but yet is beyond definition, that does not pin down well;


but is something that, like love, is felt;

Then it’s about time we talked.


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