Elopements – A Beautiful Brave Choice


Elopements will always hold a special place in my heart. I believe them to be the most honest, raw way to get married. With everything stripped back, and no guests being present, it all comes down to just you and your lover. From the words you choose to say to each other, the clothes you wear or how you want to spend the day – it’s all about and for you two.

Getting married, to make that incredible commitment to each other without feeling the need to have others present, is a beautiful brave and powerful choice.

Planning even the smallest wedding can be very stressful and expensive. Then there’s the added pressure of deciding who to invite without worrying about upsetting people (where do you drawn the line ) and feeling the need to please everyone in your choice of meal, entertainment etc. With all these reasons it’s no wonder many couples are deciding to elope in recent times.

If you’re newly engaged and feeling the pressure from your family, the industry and society to have the big ‘all-frills’ wedding that you know in your heart you really don’t want – please, I urge you, listen to your feelings and marry you own way.


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You should never feel guilty to live in a way that’s true to you. Your most beloved friends and family, who have your best interests at heart, will completely understand your reasons for eloping. Let those closest to you relive your day through your photographs, wedding film and spoken memories.

You could choose to invite a small number of guests, less than 10, if you really feel you want some people there. You can also hold a reception once you get back for a big post-wedding celebration, at a time that is suited to you for minimum stress.

Begin this new stage of your relationship by focusing on what’s truly important – your love for one another. Nothing else really matters. Without lots of guests you can actually have a chance to fully spend the day together. Begin with a morning drinking coffee and helping each other get dressed. End it with a cosy meal at your favourite restaurant or cook for two in a rented cabin.

Bring the true romance back to getting married. Marry for yourselves, not anyone else.

Run away with your love to someplace secret and full of magic. Embrace and explore the great outdoors, the wonderful wild. Have your memories captured by someone you connect with and trust.

Let your love guide you on your way.


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