For The Wild Bride Who Doesn’t Want Bridesmaids


A bride’s tribe – her gorgeous maids. Dressed in pretty matching gowns, all in a row. Always there by a bride’s side, to help throughout a wedding day. Wedding photos are filled with these beautiful ones, their presence is typically expected these days.

But perhaps you feel this isn’t your way. You’d rather go solo, what are bridesmaids for anyway? You’ll look radiant walking the aisle without them in tow, or with your father or partner if you wish by your side.

wedding without bridesmaids

Getting ready with just your fiance is what you desire, less noise and activity, toing and froing, more chilled out vibes. You don’t want the pressure of having everyone there.

Your wedding will be informal, traditions and the roles that come with take this away. You rather be without the fuss, you envision a really laidback day.

what if I don't want bridesmaids

Deciding between your friends, all equally important from different parts of your life, seems an impossible task. The teen years, college, work, travels… Who makes the cut? Then there’s your sisters, cousins, neices, the in-laws’ side.. Expectations make you nervous, the thought of upsetting anyone is too much. Your friends come as a posse, you couldn’t pick them apart.

You don’t understand the need to have official titles for your friends. These treasured souls you know will happily help  – the last night DIY projects, dress fittings, if necessary a shoulder to cry. All you need to do is ask, they’ll be on your side.

do I need bridesmaids

Or maybe you’ve never had close female friends? While gender shouldn’t be an issue, there’s your male pals will do – but what if you don’t have them too? Don’t let wedding traditions make you feel you’re missing out, there’s no reason to be sad. There’s no pressure to conform, plan your day your way.

Your wedding photographs will still be gorgeous without bridemaids. Don’t worry one bit. Be happy, be present and you’ll beam all day. Every piece of natural beauty will be captured. It’s ok to keep things simple, nothing else is required. Remember what the story is all about – you and your fiance.

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deciding against bridesmaids