Welcome Home Workshop – Glasgow


Last year before wedding season kicked off I attended the Welcome Home workshop in Glasgow, run by the lovely Emma & Pete of ‘Emma Case Photography’. I’ve been a longer time admirer of their work. Infact, it was their beautiful images that first began my passion for wedding photography all those years ago. Needless to say, I was bloody excited to meet them and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

We all hung out for the afternoon at the gorgeous home of Chris & Gillian, another amazing photo duo ‘The Curries’. It was the perfect, cosy setting. I listened intensively, cup of tea in hand, and let all the inspiration wash over me. Emma & Pete have such a beautiful outlook on life, it’s hard not to fall in love with those two.

Most of all they helped remind us just why we do this job – its about capturing memories, creating experiences and above all showing the real love. It’s sometimes easy to get lost in this current climate of feeling you need to be constantly competing against eachother, chasing that latest ‘must have’ image. Yes, wedding photography is about art and doing what you can to stand out from the pack, but it’s soo important to remember above all it’s about the love between two incredible humans.

This last wedding season was all about capturing ‘the feels’ – getting closer with my couples, letting them relax around me and making magic in it’s simplest, purest form. Thank you Emma + Pete for sharing your wisdom and kind insights with us all. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you more as people over the last few months. You’ll forever be an amazing inspiration to all us ‘Homies’ and we’re all so excited for you in this next chapter in your lives.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes images taken that day (I think you’ll agree what a seriously dreamy couple we got to shoot!) –


welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-006 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-007  welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-010 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-012  welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-015 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-017 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-018 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-019 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-020 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-022 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-023 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-024 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-027 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-028  welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-030 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-032 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-034 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-035 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-036 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-039 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-040 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-042  welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-045 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-048 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-050 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-052 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-053 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-056 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-057 welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-062welcome-home-workshop-emma-case-061


AHhh, utterly gorgeous images Maureen <3