Wedding Planning Document

Wedding Date


Your Details


Phone Numbers on the day


Postal Address for Wedding Package


Confirmed Location of Ceremony & Reception


Confirmed Time of Ceremony


Are you arriving together or separately?


Are you aware of any restrictions to photographing the ceremony?


Have you considered having an unplugged ceremony?

  • It's where you kindly ask your guests to refrain from taking photographs during the ceremony. I highly recommend as it ensures nobody interferes with the quality of your professional images.

    Find out more here: Unplugged Wedding Article

Number of guests (ceremony & reception)


Location of preperations being photographed


Wedding Timeline


What group/family photos do you want?


Person allocated to help with family portraits


How much time can you set aside for your couple portraits on the day? Thoughts on locations?


Are you having Bridesmaids/Groomsmen?


Could you kindly give me your list of Wedding Suppliers?


Will a meal be provided for me on the day? and second shooter if you booked one.


Are you going on honeymoon?


Anything else I should know?


Thanks so much for completing this! I can't wait to see you soon. :)