Isle of Skye Wedding / Jess + Mac


Jess & Mac travelled over from North Carolina, USA with a small troop of their favourite people to marry in one of their most loved places they’d explored on their travels, the Isle of Skye. Their chosen ceremony spot involved a hike into the wilds of the Cuillin mountains, bagpiper in tow, to a spot they scouted the night before when burying a bottle of bourbon (a southern American wedding tradition.) It was beautiful location with breathtaking views of the mountain range and not another soul in sight. The ceremony almost didn’t happen though, as it was only when we had almost reached the location did the couple realise they had left their marriage paperwork at their hotel. A huge panic entailed, with both bride & groom trying to figure out how long it would take to run back themselves in their wedding gear to return with the paperwork in time. Thankfully, my darling husband who had joined to help me on the day offered to run back so the ceremony could begin without too much delay. He got back not long after the ceremony finished, when it was time for the paperwork to be signed, to much delight & celebration! Which you’ll see in the photo story below.

Their intimate ceremony was sweet and meaningful. They made personal vows, fasted hands and drank from the traditional quaich, with both of their Moms at their side. We both had so much fun being a part of this wedding, and totally fell in love with Jess & Mac and their friends. Hanging out with them just felt like spending time with old friends. We laughed loud and hard and made some incredible memories. Jess & Mac are some of the most beautiful, genuine humans you’ll ever encounter, with the biggest of hearts. They married in a way that felt true to them as a couple, after abandoning the pressures of a larger wedding back at home in the states. We’ll always be grateful to have been a part of their wild elopement adventure, and loved getting the chance to meet up with them again recently on their return to Scotland for their first wedding anniversary.

Thank you Jess & Mac for all the joy you bring and for choosing us to capture your day, you wonderful people. <3

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