I've found arriving for your pre-ceremony preparations 2 hours before your ceremony (or 3 if there's a bit of traveling onwards to your venue) to be the perfect amount of time to capture what I need to tell your story. If your hair/make-up artist is coming at the crack of dawn and you wanted these shots done, don't worry as we can do some touch up shots after.

My aim is to capture this part of the day as naturally as possible. You focus on getting yourself ready and having fun with your wedding party. If you did have anything special you want photographed, such as your dress/suit or any jewellery/personal keepsakes, it would be great if you could leave that aside for me arriving.

A tip: Choose a room with lovely natural light to get ready in (especially when getting dressed or your make-up done) as this will greatly enhance your photography.



Unless we are arriving in the same vehicle I will aim to get to the ceremony ahead of you to get photos of guests arriving, and get in position for your entrance. I will do my best to stay out of sight during the ceremony and mostly keep to the edge of the space - while still aiming for a variety of angles. If the format of your ceremony is different from the norm, or you've got any surprises planned (maybe your ring bearer is the dog, or your best friend is playing an instrument?)- let me know so I can look out for it!

The ceremony is the most important part of the day and one that can't be recreated. This is why I highly recommend having an 'unplugged ceremony'. This means you kindly ask your guests to refrain from taking photos during the service and instead stay present. Wouldn't you rather see a bunch of smiling faces instead of phones? Also you'll be amazed how far folk will go for an insta shot - including blocking my view of the bride's entrance by stepping into the aisle with a giant iPad! I would hate for anything to affect your professional photography. If anyone is upset about your decision, remind them that's why you hired a professional plus they'll get to see the photos once they're ready.



I love capturing the post-ceremony excitement - all the hugs & clinks of glasses. I will leave you a while to enjoy this period and catch up with old friends, before suggesting we do your family photos.

Do yourself and your guests a favour and keep your group list as small as possible - 8 is a good number to aim for. It always takes longer than planned to take these photos as people often wonder off! Everyone wants to grab a drink and relax, instead of pose for long periods. Think of the photos you would actually get framed (ask your parents!) and remember there's plenty of time for more informal shots with your friends at the reception.


This is the part of the day I feel can be a real collaboration - the most you put into it, the most you get out. I will usually scout of a few places I think would make a beautiful backdrop for your images, but I'd love to know your favourite spots as well!

No awkward posing required, we will simply take a walk take in the sights together. I will do a mix of wide shots, showing your love amongst the landscape, and more intimate close up portraits.


Whether your speeches are before or after the meal doesn't matter too much. I photograph this really naturally, you won't know I'm there but please get someone to let me know when they're starting if I'm in a different room so I don't miss anything!

The only time I don't tend to take photos is while you're eating your meal - nobody wants a camera in their face when they're mid chew! I use this time to recharge my batteries, scout for evening portrait locations & also take a chance to eat something too.

If you're organising me a meal (thank you!) it's important to let the catering staff know the photographer(s) need fed at the same time as you. Otherwise it's likely you'll miss out on some moments being captured as we'll still be eating when you're mingling with your guests (or worse, about to do your first dance!)


Dancing & evening celebrations

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions at all please just drop me an email.

On the day you can reach me on: 07902 593 832.

We will go through the whole day about a month before on our pre-wedding video call too.

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