Thursday night is date night


Photo by my Chris, whose talents just keep growing with every wedding we photograph together. ?

Thursday night is our date night. We pack bags and leave our home, to take a boat across the wild Atlantic waters. When reaching the next island we drive for hours, chatting about life and silly things, while playing our favourite songs. We watch the sun set across the highlands, and the shadows as they dance across it’s mountain faces. Week in, week out, the same drive but never the journey. Night draws in closer each time, the landscape slowly rusts as the seasons change.

When it feels right, and we reach the perfect place, we park up and choose our home for the night. Cosy together under lots of blankets, after a hot mug of tea. We fall asleep to the stillness of the wilds, under the stars and moon, whatever phase she may be. Resting up for the next day of adventures.