Handmade Eco Conscious Wedding / Michele + Lawrence


Michele and Lawrence are one of those couples that just touch your heart. I communicated with Michele for a long time before her wedding day – her joyful friendly emails always lifted my spirits. I felt like I was chatting with an old friend. We shared so many of the same values and interests, and even lived in the same street before. The connection was so deep I felt like I was always meant to photograph her wedding.

The love between her and Lawrence felt like much the same, you only need to be in their presence for a second to see what they have together was just meant to be – a meeting by chance in Thailand while Lawrence was on a work trip, which he returned from just 2 days later. They knew what they had didn’t come around all the time and they worked hard to keep their love alive and built a life together.

This was a very special wedding not just because of the lush surroundings, or gorgeous stylings, but because of the people there. You know how amazing a couple is by the friends they keep, the ones who would do anything for them. Everyone banded together to create a magical weekend for them. Thinking of the planet was of great importance to this big-hearted couple. Everything from the flowers to the stationery was handmade, grown, borrowed or foraged. With the bride in a stunning vintage gown, and Lawrence rocking the very same velvet suit his father got married in.

Chris and I felt so at home and welcomed at this wonderful day – thank you to everyone for the hugs, the good food (I’ve never stuffed my face so much at a wedding – vegan Thai for the win!) & cosy fire chats. We didn’t want to leave.

But most of all thanks to¬†Lawrence and Michele – you remarkable, amazing humans. I can’t wait to see you both again one day. <3

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