Becca & Jamie / St Dunstan-in-the-East Engagement


Becca & Jamie are just the sweetest couple.. We spent a lovely afternoon together in the City, walking around exploring & taking some photos. We visited St Dunstan-in-the-East, a beautiful public garden which contains the ruins of a church which was largely destroyed in WWII. It is a real hidden gem amongst all the City corporate buildings and a place they had visited together a couple years before. We then took a walk down to London Bridge, enjoying the sunshine, to further explore & grab a coffee. I will be seeing them again next week for their wedding in Oxford, I just know it will be the most beautiful day.. :)

Becca+Jamie-PreWed-51 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-01 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-18Becca+Jamie-PreWed-04 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-05 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-07  Becca+Jamie-PreWed-09 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-11 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-08Becca+Jamie-PreWed-12 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-14 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-16 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-17  Becca+Jamie-PreWed-20Becca+Jamie-PreWed-19  Becca+Jamie-PreWed-21 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-30Becca+Jamie-PreWed-25 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-28  Becca+Jamie-PreWed-31 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-32 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-33 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-34 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-36 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-38 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-39 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-40 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-41 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-42 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-43 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-45 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-46 Becca+Jamie-PreWed-50

St Dunstan In the East Engagement London Wedding Photographer