Spring Time



I’ve been spending more time outside of the office lately, it’s been so refreshing to get offline & into the real world. Although I’ve still been busy with weddings & shoots, I’ve also been enjoying some much needed quality time with the husband. These last few weeks together we’ve helped nurse some sick orphaned lambs back to health, BBQ’d numerous veggies in our fire-pit, hill-walked with friends, enjoyed many a cosy night in cooking yummy vegan recipes from Oh She Glows & most of all we’ve been busy in the garden.

This year we’re growing a lot more produce & have been rather adventurous in our choice of goodies to grow. We had a lot of fun going through the Real Seeds Catalogue, I’m particularly excited for our 6 varieties of squash & our South American herbs. We’ve also planted some fruit trees & flowers. It won’t be long now before everything begins to blossom &  the garden will once again be filled with life. Every day we come closer to living a more honest & self sufficient life, it’s such a joy.

Can’t wait for the months ahead, for more adventures in the sunshine..