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I’ve recently starting sending out monthly newsletters. I wanted a way to reach out to like-minded folk and share a few things I thought they might enjoy. My newsletter is created fully from the heart and I truly love putting them together. In our current world of a never-ending spam, e-bills and desperate bids to sell you worthless items, I want to promote more happy emails into everyone’s inboxes.

My newsletters are sent with no intention other than to inspire, guide and share what I’ve been up to in my personal and working life. I hope they offer a glimpse into what I’m about as a person, and if we’re due to work together sometime soon you’ll feel like we’re already good friends.

I write them with someone like me in mind. I imagine people reading them at their desks during their lunch breaks, on the train, or at home with a cup of tea after a long day. I always include a playlist of music displaying my eclectic tastes, a film or artwork that’s recently inspired me and a few beautiful finds for upcoming free-spirited brides. Last month I also shared a story about Melbourne citizens writing love letters to trees and the month before a flower-bombed abandoned house in Detroit.

I’ve already received some wonderful feedback and messages from people telling me how much they love them, which totally warms my heart. <3

As a thank you for signing up, I will also send you a free download of my exclusive e-book/guide – ‘8 Steps to Throwing an Eco-Friendly Wedding’.

You can view my past newsletters in the archives and can sign up to start receiving them using the form below. I love it when my readers share their newsletters so if you can think of anyone else who could benefit from a bit more brightness into their day, please do forward this post along. :)

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