Polaroid Magic — Fine Art Wedding Photography


Lately I’ve been bringing along my old 1977 Polaroid SX-70 camera with me to weddings and shoots. I love the process plus it’s a nice extra something to give my couples. I shoot on Impossible Project film who started producing their own film after Polaroid disbanded. I’m not always able to use it, this camera craves the right light and sometimes on a busy wedding day there’s just not enough time.

So far it’s been a bit of an experiment shooting in lots of different environments. It’s not perfect but I love all it’s quirky imperfections, the light leaks and chemical spills. The results vary but when it does work out it’s just magical. Here’s a few wee beauties from this year;


Impossible-Project-Polaroid-Film-Artistic-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-003  Impossible-Project-Polaroid-Film-Artistic-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-005 Impossible-Project-Polaroid-Film-Artistic-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-006 Impossible-Project-Polaroid-Film-Artistic-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-009 Impossible-Project-Polaroid-Film-Artistic-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-002Impossible-Project-Polaroid-Film-Artistic-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-008 Impossible-Project-Polaroid-Film-Artistic-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-004  Impossible-Project-Polaroid-Film-Artistic-Quirky-Wedding-Photography-011

Fine Art Wedding Photography Polaroid