My Approach

I believe in finding the beauty in the ordinary and everyday. Every wedding or session I attend, no matter the size or location, I feel is a chance to capture real, honest magic.

My style is a blend of photojournalism and fine art. I love documenting all the organic, quiet little moments that show the realness of the occasion. These honest moments, complimented with some stunning artistic portraits, help tell your story.

I see weddings and portraiture as a way to create art. I get excited about perfect spills of light & the texture of crumbling walls. I am deeply inspired by the world around me, and thrive working in nature settings.

Human connection fascinates me, which combined with my other passions – world cinema, fine art & music – shapes my style. I am constantly experimenting with my craft and enjoy creating more artful & meaningful images for my clients.

For the Wild Ones

For me, it’s not always about producing the perfect image – but creating something that makes you *feel*. A frozen moment in time that reminds you of that moment, and washes over your entire body deep into your heart. ♥

My work isn’t for everyone, and I prefer it that way. I create images that speak to my soul, so they can do the same for my dream clients. I want to work with couples/mothers/lovers/artists who have a true, deep connection to my portfolio.

The ones who feel that not only would we make a good working team but we might also make excellent friends. My relationship with my clients is of great importance to me, and believe their full trust is key in us creating something special together.

Love in the Landscape

Nature will always be my main inspiration with outdoor ceremonies & sessions in wild, remote locations making my heart sing. 

I scout out wonderfully wild locations for my clients for breathtaking backdrops in their images. The great outdoors is where I feel most at home, with 'The mountain goat' being a nickname I've been lovingly coined by more than one of my couples. My dream clients are usually the same, and wear any mud on their gown with pride.

I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the Outer Hebrides, full of quiet untouched places waiting to be explored. Most of my assignments take place on the Scottish Isles, or nearby highlands, but my work's taken me as far as the hinterlands of Australia and lava fields of Iceland. I spend half the year on the road, with my passport always being to hand, ready for the next adventure.