A Move to the Western Isles




Last month we moved to the wilds of the Scottish Western Isles, the place I grew up & have barely visited since. Although the move was sudden it’s something we’ve had on the back of our minds for a while. My family home has been sitting there empty, just waiting for us, but I’d never felt ready to return until now. It was during our travels in Australia when we were living out of our car, sleeping outside under the sky, that I realised – this is what life is all about, being free & exploring new places. I want to see more of the world & not be tied down to just one place. We decided the islands would make the perfect base to travel from more this year, with no lease we could come & go as we pleased. So, upon returning from our travels, we got rid of most of our possessions, packed up our car & away we went.

We spent the first few weeks up here in the cold due to problems with the heating. We collected peat for the fire & camped out in the living room, falling asleep by the glowing light. We only had enough hot water for 1 small bath a day which we shared in the morning – A reminder to simpler times, but thrilling all the same. I’m already feeling inspired staying here. We have so room to grow, somewhere to put all our dreams into action. I can finally create my dark room, I have a room set aside for just my meditation. This month we’ll also start planting our crops. The quiet life is agreeing with us.

The move will in no way affect me photographing my weddings. I will be travelling back & forth to ‘the mainland’ for work all year via a mixture of plane & ferries. This is nothing new to me – I’m a traveller. I also hope to have the opportunity to photograph some beautiful weddings during my time on the islands. I’ve found myself in love with the scenery & culture of this place after taking it for granted in my youth.

The weather is wilder than I remember, with gale force winds, rain & hail a lot of days, but we’re happy here. I have no idea how long we’ll stay but for now this is home.