Sarah + Steven / Loch Lomond Waterfront Wedding


Sarah and Steven travelled all the way over from their home in Australia to marry by the banks of Loch Lomond, a beautiful location that has deep meaning for them.

They were gifted with incredible weather on the day – a beautiful, crisp morning which later turned into a warm sun-filled afternoon – perfect for their outdoor ceremony. The couple envisioned a day with all their loved ones enjoying garden games, and drinks by the loch. They never let the fact it was October in Scotland sway their mind and I’m pleased to say it all went ahead as planned.

There were plenty of personal touches to their day, with many DIY decorations & accessories – including Sarah’s incredible brooch bouquet which she hand-crafted from finds over the year. A real highlight was Steven’s favourite musician the talented David Ford playing his music to everyone, it was completely spellbinding.

A lovely celebration with friends & families from opposite sides of the world, showcasing Scotland at it’s finest.


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loch lomond waterfront wedding photography


WOW!!! Stunning.

Thank you Dena!

Beautiful pictures Maureen you are very talented