Life lately – Time alone


I’m a big believer of living life your own way – ignoring conventions and following your heart. This week I’ve been enjoying a rare break at home on the islands. Only this time something vital is missing – my husband. It’s strange being left alone in this big house, I’m always the one that goes away while he stays.

I’m happy to say I have a healthy modern marriage where we both have our own dreams to follow, adventures to take. I think it’s important that we each listen to our heart and do what we feel like so there’s no regrets in later life.  I could have joined him on the beaches of Barcelona, where he craved a break in the sunshine, but body and mind were aching for some stability after a month of travels. I had only been home 5 days the last 6 weeks, I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be.

So naturally my daily routine has somewhat changed without my partner’s presence as I’ve taken on his usual chores. When I would normally be chained to my desk at this busy time of year, I’ve been forced into the outside. Wellies over yoga clothes I’m hopping the same fences of my youth to pick lettuce, thin carrots, and try save potatoes from blight. I’m feeding chickens, delivering eggs and homemade jam to neighbours, pollinating and watering courgettes. This week I’ve been living almost solely off homegrown produce. Greens blended for breakfast, salads for lunch and baked potatoes with stew for dinner. There’s nothing more satisfying than eating homegrown food.

Sweet peas straight from the shell are my prize for garden work. With already dirtied fingers from weeding, I treasure hunt through the earth to find the tastiest potatoes. When I walk through the field my kind-hearted pet lamb still recognises me when I walk through the field, running up to rub his face against mine. I’ve been grateful for the more frequent visits to my Grandfather across the field to show him my garden goodies for the day – watching his excited eyes tinkle as I imagined they did as a boy. His poor old bones no longer able to do the crofting work he loves.

It’s these simple acts that bring the most joy. Forcing me to take breaks from my seemingly mountain of wedding edits and admin. At first I was feeling stressed trying to imagine making the time for anything new… but there’s no excuses here, the work needs to be done. Despite these extra tasks I’ve still been getting my work completed, and my mind and body are more refreshed. Whenever I’m feeling the pressure, when those old anxieties come creeping up, I need to remember the reasons we moved here – the break away from a busy life, to reconnect with nature, to allow ourselves to be properly nourished.

I feel sad hearing the cries of my colleagues suffocating with their workload at this busy time of year, and remember it wasn’t long ago I felt the same. Life is for living, take a few moments to reconnect and find happiness in the other parts of everyday life. There’s plenty to be grateful about.

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