Joanna Brown Workshop at Photography Farm


I was so excited when I heard Joanna Brown was going to be holding her first workshop at Photography Farm. I have been an admirer of her work for a few years now so knew I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from her. Joanna is a true artist, I just love the way she sees the world.

We spent the day cosied up in the farm’s sitting room by the fire, drinking cups of tea, while we listened to Joanna’s story. It was an amazing experience, just what I needed before wedding season kicks off. Joanna inspired me in many ways, I’m feeling so excited for the year ahead. Many thanks to her & Lisa Devlin, who runs Photography Farm, for organising the day.

As part of the workshop we had the opportunity to watch Joanna photograph a couple. They were just the sweetest pair.. I was lucky enough to be able to capture a few moments too..






Joanna Brown Workshop Photography Farm