Seaside Pre-Wedding; Jenny + Lee ♥


A few weeks ago I went on a mini road trip with Jenny & Lee. We drove out to a gorgeous secluded beach on the west coast, a place the couple like to visit. I fell in love with the location.. I made sure to take note of where it was so I could find it again! We spent the afternoon walking along the beach, climbing rocks, playing fetch with a dog & picking wild garlic. I even got the couple to bust out some crazy jumps for me. We had a lot of fun.. Jenny & Lee are a really cool, laid-back couple.  I’m so excited to be photographing their wedding tomorrow in Glasgow, I just know it’s going to be the  best day..

Jenny+Lee16_quirky_contemporary_unique_alternative_pre-wedding_engagement_photography_scotland_beach Jenny+Lee18_quirky_contemporary_unique_alternative_pre-wedding_engagement_photography_scotland_beach Jenny+Lee19_quirky_contemporary_unique_alternative_pre-wedding_engagement_photography_scotland_beach Jenny+Lee09_quirky_contemporary_unique_alternative_pre-wedding_engagement_photography_scotland_beach Jenny+Lee08_quirky_contemporary_unique_alternative_pre-wedding_engagement_photography_scotland_beach Jenny+Lee06_quirky_contemporary_unique_alternative_pre-wedding_engagement_photography_scotland_beach Jenny+Lee10_quirky_contemporary_unique_alternative_pre-wedding_engagement_photography_scotland_beach Jenny+Lee12_quirky_contemporary_unique_alternative_pre-wedding_engagement_photography_scotland_beach Jenny&Lee-PreWed-38 Jenny&Lee-PreWed-39 Jenny&Lee-PreWed-06 Jenny&Lee-PreWed-15 Jenny&Lee-PreWed-34

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