“Asking your husband to be your sole guide through labor is like asking him to lead the way on a climb of Mt Everest. He may be smart and trustworthy, you may love him, but in the Himalayas you’d both be a lot better off with a Sherpa!”

– Pam England





For women giving birth on the Outer Hebridean isles.

For women of the Outer Hebrides who birth on the mainland.






for Uist

for other Isles



2 x 3hr antenatal sessions

on call 24/7 from 28-42 weeks

2 x 3hr antenatal sessions

birth box filled with goodies to help ground you while away

attendance at your birth as long as you want & need

in person & telephone support as needed throughout pregnancy

in person & telephone support as needed throughout pregnancy

virtual attendance at your birth (if desired) as long as you want & need

photography during birth if desired

unlimited tailor-made herbal remedies during pregnancy & birth

unlimited tailor-made herbal remedies during pregnancy

virtual birth photography (if desired)

1 x 2hr post-natal visit at your home

1 x 2hr post-natal visit at your home

complimentary maternity photoshoot

complimentary maternity photoshoot

What's covered during antenatal sessions?


- Any fears surrounding birth

- Previous birth experiences (if any)

- How to navigate the maternity system

- Techniques to help you relax during birth

- Making your birth plan

- Physiology of labour

What do you do as a virtual doula?

What do you to during the birth?


If I am unable to attend your birth due to it happening on the mainland, or because of travel delays (for births involving a ferry) I will instead act as your virtual doula.

Although I can not provide physical support in the form of touch, via the magic of technology (Zoom/Facetime) I can provide much of the same guidance and emotional support as I would in person. I can also speak with midwives or anyone present to advocate your wishes, suggest ways for them to physically help (massage, birthing positions) and help with hypnobirthing or any mantras you've chosen.

I can also still take photos during the birth using special software I have, using just your mobile phone (held by someone or by a tripod) if you wish!

I will be there to provide both emotional and physical support to you during the birth process. This could be done using massage, aromothaphy, suggesting different birthing positions, mantras etc.

Most importantly I will help create & maintain the birth environment so you can relax as much as possible and stay in the zone during labour.

I will be using all the tools in my arsenal in aims for you to have the birth you desire, while also being an advocate for your birth plan and help you make any important decisions during labour if necessary.

What's covered during the postnatal session?


I will come to visit you after the birth with some nourishing food and drinks to talk through the experience you had. I can help with breastfeeding, see how you are healing, and discuss what support you have in place for postnatal care in the home.

I can come back to visit again if you wish to provide further care (see package below).