Birthkeeping and Women's Wellbeing Services

for the Outer Hebrides

by Maureen Du Preez

A keeper of sacred birth wisdom

for the WOMEN OF THE outer hebridean isles

As an island native, and mother to a young son birthed on these remote lands, she understands the unique difficulties faced by pregnant women in the Outer Hebrides.

After hearing too many tales of traumatic births and she has made it her mission to heal the island women by helping them find their power through natural, gentle birth.

Maureen Du Preez is a birth activist, artist and healer who works to protect the birthing rights and environments for the women of the Western Isles.

By offering emotional support, traditional remedies, complementary therapies, and informed guidance, she assists birthing women as they transition to motherhood and beyond.



I'm a wild swimming, veg growing, wife and mother living on the Isle of North Uist.

I'm passionate about helping birthing women discover their power to the have the gentle, natural birth they deserve. My love of all things motherhood and birth began when my son arrived earthside on the Isles of Lewis just before Christmas 2019.

I fought hard to have the natural birth I desired, but my labour was full of trauma. At times I felt helpless and wished I had been able to have a trained birth companion by my side.

With a newborn still in my arms, I decided to fill this much needed gap for the women of the Outer Hebrides and undertook training with the Rent Tent Doulas.

Photo by Samantha Louise Photography