Barcelona, Te amo / Gothic Quarter Portraits


This girl. <3 It’s pretty awesome to say I’ve known her for more than 10 years now. Julie has been a fantastic supporter of my work right from the very beginning when I first started experimenting with photography. She’s taken me on some incredible adventures since. For our latest I had the opportunity to meet up with her in beautiful Barcelona. Here are a few images from our afternoon exploring the stunning Gothic Quarter;


Portrait photography of woman standing in spill of light in Barcelona Gothic QuarterPortrait of woman standing in Barcelona Gothic Quarter street wearing mask photography     fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-014    fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-016 fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-018fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-012      fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-023       fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-014.5

fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-002fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-015     fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-020fine-art-barcelona-spain-wedding-photographer-045

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