Dear Wild Bride: Wear a Dress You Can Move In


Dear wild bride,

Wear a wedding dress you can move in. You can love in. A gown that makes you feel like a queen who can dance all night until your bones ache, and be held tight by your loved ones all day long.


A dress you can climb hills in, explore forests, to reach that special place you long your love to be captured. Where the magical light spills in, and the trees canopy around.


Don’t let yourself be restricted, or disappointed when you fail to move. When you’re stuck to the ground, watching that golden light trickle away.

Live your day as passionately as you can. Shake those hips, twirl, jump.



Be the Goddess in the beautiful gown that fits you so perfectly, like it was made for you. A second skin with no need to constantly adjust.

But give yourself room to breathe. To eat all those delicious canapes you carefully chose. That 3 course meal you splashed out on you knew everyone would love.



And let’s kick those shoes off, yes those expensive high-heeled ones you long-lusted for. You don’t need them all day.

Be the barefoot bride. Run free with your love. Feel the earth between your toes.


The rain may come, and mud along with. Your dress might dirty, your veil collect the leaves.

But let’s not let that ruin your day. Make those memories, have no regrets.


And most of all let your outfit be an expression of you. Your beautiful wild soul and nobody else. Let it be you.


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