Coming Home


I do enjoy my trips away but it is so wonderful being back in our house. I miss my husband terribly when I am away. Since we got together we’ve barely been apart, I can never get used to sleeping alone. This last trip was just short of two weeks away & I really missed our home.

These last few days back have been such a joy. Although I have been busy with work, stuck to my computer with processing & admin, I have make sure to get out of the house when I can. I have enjoyed our walks together along the canal at dusk, picking wildflowers & raspberries, & our early morning drives to the forest, beginning our day with a picnic breakfast before heading out to explore & forage more wild foods. Spending time together, along with the semi-warm weather, has even made a day of weeding the garden & trimming the hedges fun & less of a chore.

Our garden has really flourished since I have been away. Lavender has appeared on a once dead bush, my sunflowers’ beautiful golden heads have finally bloomed, the potatoes & tomatoes have thrived in this last batch of good weather, & we even got to enjoy our first batch of rocket (the most delicious I have ever tasted).

Since returning I have also discovered a love of cooking I was previously in denial of.  After 6 years of relying on my husband to take charge in this department it’s been quite refreshing. I’ve been following some tasty-looking vegan recipes & have been delighted with the results, thankfully so has my other half.

I am away a lot over the next few weeks so need to get used to this new life for a little while. It’s difficult being away but it’s made me really appreciate what I have waiting for me at home. I love my job & the fact it allows me to travel, I wouldn’t change it for anything, but there’s certainly no feeling like coming back home.


Aww I see the mug I got you. i hope there has been many a rooibos in it!

Thanks Sam. We do indeed need to meet up soon! As you can imagine things are a little chaotic atm, but I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a wee visit East sometime soon. :)

Beautiful words – and vegan recipes/foraging/gardening sounds lovely, we have to meet up soon!