Choosing Your Destination Wedding Location


So you’re wanting to run away and marry somewhere beautiful abroad but are having difficulty choosing where? There’s many things to consider, it can seem overwhelming. However, whatever your budget or style there’s a location that’s perfect for you.  This article contains 5 tips of things to think about to help you decide.



  • What setting do you vision yourself getting married in? Are you wanting to marry out in nature with breathtaking scenery (snow-topped mountains, lakeside or a beach) or in a historic city amongst beautiful architecture?
  • Can you legally marry there? If not you can always do the official stuff back home but still have a beautiful ‘blessing’ ceremony and party in your dream destination. Some countries also require you to complete paperwork months in advance so make sure you can do it based on your timeline.
  • What’s your budget? Where can you afford to go? Done right a destination wedding doesn’t have to cost more than one at home (it might even be cheaper!) Look at how strong your currency is in every country. Will you still honeymoon elsewhere or tie it all in? Also decide whether you want to bring some of your vendors with you such as a photographer (it’s good to have one you trust and who’s work you love) or would rather go for an all-inclusive resort package.
  • How big a wedding do you want? The further away you marry the smaller the number of people that will likely be able to go. If you only want a few close friends/family with you then you’ll have more options. If there’s anyone in particular that’s really important you have there, consider if they’ll have any difficulties travelling to your destination. Maybe they have small children, are frail or ill of health, or the flights will be too much of an expense.
  • What activities do you want to take part in? Are you more into lazying in the sun on a beach, or are up for a safari or ski adventure?  Think about the holidays you go on and enjoy together. Also consider your guest list – most of them will likely be using your wedding as an opportunity for a holiday. If you’ve invited lots of children make sure you pick a child-friendly resort or have fun things on to keep them occupied.


If you’re planning a destination wedding I’ve love to hear your plans. Leave a comment below or get in contact. I also run a lovely Facebook group for just for couples like you to share ideas. You can join it here: My Destination Wedding