Bohemian Brides: Vikings Free-Spirited Wedding Inspiration


I’m pretty obsessed with The History Channel’s show ‘Vikings’. If you haven’t watched it before you seriously need to. I find myself relating to their natural wild way of life, even with all it’s apparent brutality & violence.

In the latest season there was a gorgeous wedding between the characters Helga & Floki. The bride arrived by a boat covered in wildflowers, a flower wreath upon her head & was barefoot.. The couple wed just there by the water, surrounded by the beauty of the Scandinavian landscape.

I just had to share it with you other nature loving babes. I put some images from it together in my Pinterest Board: Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

More people need to get married in this fashion, so divine…

floki wedding gif

Photo Credit: The History Channel

Anyone else adore their wedding? I would love to hear your thoughts.