A Year of Island Life


Oh gosh, Maureen.. I couldn’t love this more than I do .. I got a bit emotional and teary eyed reading your beautiful journal..to get a wee glimpse into your life.Its left me with nothing but warm fuzzy feelings <3 xxxx (loved seeing the aurora in those images too x)


Thanks so much for the lovely comment Zoe. :) I’m so pleased you enjoyed finding out a bit more about my life. Thanks again for all your kindness, and for allowing me to see my first aurora. :) xxx

Just beautiful Maureen! x


Thanks Audrey. <3 xxx

What a wonderful story about Benbecula and your slow life there. It sounds so beautiful and I wish you so much happiness growing food and raising animals together :) beautifully written blog, thank u. Xxx


Thank you for the kind words Natasha and support over the last couple of years. Island life is just what we need right now. :) xxx

Anna Findlay

I have always wanted to read about your island life and it is even more blissful than i imagined. For a moment i was transported to the Outer Herbrides and now i feel more at peace. xxxx


Aww, I’m so glad you enjoyed my wee story. :) Thanks for the lovely words. I hope you get to visit one day! It is a beautiful place. xxx