for Creatives & Entrepreneurs


Since starting my business from scratch 6 years ago I’ve spent a lot of time investing in myself and gaining knowledge in many different areas.  I have enjoyed sharing what I’ve learnt with other photographers and been so delighted when they tell me what a positive impact my words had. I love helping out fellow creatives and so have now began offering mentoring sessions.

These sessions would be most useful for wedding photographers, although many of the topics would also benefit creatives in general. If you’re new to the industry, feeling overwhelmed and lost with all the information out there, or want to take things in a new direction I’d love to hear from you.

These are delivered as Skype sessions in 30 mins / 1 hr blocks.

I will send you out a questionnaire to find out what areas you want to focus on prior to the session, so we can get through a lot when we chat.