Hello there, I’m Maureen. I work with a small number of couples every year to document their love stories - capturing that special spark between them - in a heartfelt and artistic way.

About Me

I've returned to live on the island I grew up on in the Outer Hebrides, just across from the Isle of Skye. I share my life with my vegetable growing husband Chris and our wee wild cat Peggy. Living here is slow paced and we relish in all it's natural beauty.

We live by the edge of the island and enjoy spectacular sunsets. When the moon is full we walk to the beach under it's glow to listen to the waves.

Top left photo by Natasha Bell, bottom left photo by Lena Sabala, right photo by Sheri Angeles.

My Approach

I believe in finding the beauty in the ordinary and everyday. Every wedding I attend, no matter the size or location, I feel is a chance to capture real, honest magic.

My style is a blend of photojournalism and fine art. I love documenting all the organic, quiet little moments that show the realness of the occasion. I want to show the true love between you both, that special spark. These honest moments, complimented with some stunning artistic portraits, help tell the story of your day.

Wedding photography is an art-form. I get excited about perfect spills of light and the texture of crumbling church walls. I want my couples to feel the same, to be on board. Their trust and cooperation is key. It’s this close relationship I develop with them I treasure most about my job. I especially thrive when working with adventurous couples who share a passion for the great outdoors.

A Nomadic Life

I love our wholesome rural life but my free-spirited nature craves to roam and adventure. My summers are mostly spent on the road travelling between weddings and festivals. In the winter I like to escape to the heat of South Africa to climb mountains or Australia to wild camp.

I feel so grateful everyday to have the opportunity to document wonderful love stories while exploring incredible parts of the world. Whether you're eloping to the Scottish highlands, marrying on the beaches of Ibiza or rainforests in Bali - I'll be there. Location will never be a problem for me.

Now, what about you?