Hello there, I’m Maureen. My clothes constantly smell of campfire smoke and hair of the ocean.

After spending the last decade moving across the UK, I’ve returned to the island I grew up on in the Outer Hebrides just across from the Isle of Skye. I share my life with my husband, our cat and pet sheep.

We have a massive vegetable garden and enjoy cooking plant based food together. When the moon is full we walk to the beach and listen to the waves. The stars here are the brightest I’ve ever seen. We sleep with the curtains open and watch them at night.

Psych and folk music make my hips swing, rivers are my favourite waters to swim in and I dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail one day.

I love our quiet, wholesome rural life but equally enjoy travelling and adventuring across the globe. My summers are spent on the road travelling between weddings and festivals. In the winter I like to escape to the heat of South Africa to climb mountains or Australia to wild camp.

I adore my job and feel so grateful everyday to have the opportunity to explore the incredible places it takes me to and the unique stories that come with it. Whether you’re eloping to the Scottish highlands, marrying on the beaches of Ibiza or rainforests in Bali – I’ll be there. Location will never be a problem for me.

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Now, what about you? Tell me your plans.